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Tentacle Nightmares

0 views presents a real-life tentacle video: Tentacle Nightmares

As the night falls and the moon rises high in the sky, Amirah settles into bed, ready to drift off into a peaceful sleep. But just as she begins to doze off, she hears a strange noise. The noise seems to be coming from somewhere in the room, but she eventually shakes it off and she goes to sleep. But as soon as she is falling asleep, tentacles start creeping up her legs…

They slither towards her, writhing and wriggling, and then they start to hold her down, grabbing her neck and making it impossible to escape. More tentacles appear and they start filling her pussy and ass… When she thinks it can’t get worse, a facehugger also appears and starts fucking her face, filling her mouth with alien cum.

Date: December 19, 2022